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Formed with the attitude — Now is the time! Revolution strives for new ideas and new approaches to today's energy challenges. Don't let the opportunity to save money and energy pass you by.

About Us

Revolution Energy helps customers achieve their energy-related goals through an ongoing commitment to do the right thing. We believe that this unique crossroad of environmental awareness and economic progress empowers our customers. With an ethical and principled perspective, Revolution’s forward thinking solves difficult energy problems and sets us apart.

Our primary service is to help clients understand their energy usage and its impact on their carbon footprint. With a solution-oriented approach we provide a wide range of options for facilities, costs and paybacks, and a thorough quantification of the environmental benefits.

We understand the challenges and opportunities for non-profits, governments, and businesses with respect to energy and sustainability. Our understanding of policy and the sustainable energy industry throughout New England allows us to develop projects and access incentives that produce innovative project solutions for our valued clients.

Revolution Energy offers products and services that allow you to take full advantage of the new energy paradigm. We accomplish this by providing assessment and consulting, system design and development, financing and procurement, installation, and maintenance of these systems. We utilize and offer the best available technologies, providing our clients with the desired outcome.

Our solutions provide an integrated turnkey system, including renewable resources, high efficiency and biomass heating, combined heat and power, power storage, and energy efficiency measures to save costs and reduce carbon footprints. Our systems can operate in parallel with the grid or completely independently.

We provide our clients with a complete analysis of their facility. We work to create a unique solution that brings all aspects of the project into alignment with our clients’ goals. Viewing projects from this holistic level allows us to consider the individual needs and objectives for our clients. A wider lens also provides for a more careful assessment of local, regional, and state incentives that can beneficially impact the economics of a particular project.

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