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Exeter High School Tests Solar Panels (WMUR)


Exeter, N.H. — Solar energy is becoming a bright reality at Exeter High School.

Michael Behrmann and Clay Mitchell, of Revolution Energy, helped put up 369 solar panels outside the school yard to generate energy.

“The beauty of the solar energy is it just sits here and generates energy,” Behrmann said. “Despite it being cloudy today it”s actually generating energy.”

And that”s good news for the school.

The men said the school did not have to pay for the project”s start-up costs. Instead, they signed up for a 10-year contract, and agreed to buy the energy it produces.

By going green, Revolution Energy said the school is saving green. And they even pump energy in the dead of winter.

“One of the really big myths about solar energy in New Hampshire is, “Oh, there”s not enough sun,”” Mitchell said. “Well when you get to winter, when things are cold, these panels actually produce more electricity because they operate more efficiently in the lower temperatures. So in a bright winter day, this array will be putting out its maximum output.”

It”s all part of a bigger project in town.

Revolution Energy is not only trying to cut down on energy costs, but also help teach kids in Exeter about solar technology.

“Because we”re going to be here for 10 years we”re going be involved in educating the students coming up through the system about what alternative energy is, about solar power about the other forms of energy,” Behrmann said.

As for how much money the school will save, Revolution Energy said it may be too early to tell. However, they said it could be right around $20,000 a year. That may be just as bright as the sun powering these panels.


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