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Revolution Energy selected as a winner of the Green Launching Pad

Green Launching Pad: Winning Teams Announced

By: Jeffrey Vocell


The Green Launching Pad, a partnership between UNH, the State of New Hampshire, and the NH Charitable Foundation announced yesterday morning the 5 winning teams.  First, I want to congratulate the five winning teams!

– Green Clean Heat, LLC

– EnerTrac, Inc.

– Revolution Energy, LLC

– Innovacene

– Compressor Energy Solution, Inc.

Each of these companies has a unique project that represents an opportunity for innovation in green tech in New Hampshire.

Such as:

Green Clean Heat is working on a “fully integrated efficient Wood Fired Heating System” for commercial, municipal, and industrial facilities.  What was great about this team?  They solved a real pain point for themselves.  The parent company to Green Clean Heat, Continential Biomass Industries, needed a wood heating system – but kept running into problems with the current solutions on the market today.  So, they set out to create their own solution and now will be able to take it to the next level with Green Launching Pad.

Innovacene will “manufacture the highest performing organic semiconductors (OSCs) for flexible organic photovoltaics (solar cells) and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).” With the Green Launching Pad investment they plan to “Identify customers, conduct market research, Our Privacy Policy contains further information about how is collected, used and made available on or by our Sites. and develop a plance to scale-up.” Revolution Energy will develop alternative energy projects in New Hampshire using third-party financing and creative incentive leveraging.  Their initial targets are municipalities and schools and they seek to grow their business past their successful pilot project into a larger sustainable business model.

It’s great to see Green companies innovating in New Hampshire.  We wish all the teams (71) who submitted an application to the Green Launching Pad sucess in 2010 and beyond.  For more information on each of the teams, please check here. We will follow their progress and report back as often as possible.

In addition, while we look forward to adding more from the winning teams — we will certainly work to get information about any of the other 71 teams that submitted a proposal up.  If you are one of those teams, feel free to contact me via email ( or twitter.


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