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Study shows green jobs could potentially stimulate N.H. economy (TNH)


September 14, 2010

The Green Launching Pad is a partnership between UNH and the state of New Hampshire dedicated to helping business entrepreneurs thrive in New Hampshire”s developing green economy.

The partnership, now in its second year, connects UNH faculty, staff and students with private business owners interested in starting economically friendly products and services.

Three UNH faculty members were involved with the creation of the Green Launching Pad: Ross Gittell, professor of management, A.R Venkatachalam, director of the Enterprise Integration Research Center, and Kevin Gardner, director of Environmental Research Group.

“It”s a win-win situation,” Gittell said. “The Green Launching Pad can help both the environment and the economy.”

Revolution Energy was one of the five businesses chosen for the Green Launching Pad.¬†“Professor Gittell and [other] UNH professors are providing lots of expertise in business management, marketing, business plans, venture capital, and focusing on how to grow as a company,” Michael Behrmann, UNH alumnus and co-founder of Revolution Energy, said.

Founded in 2006, Berhmann”s business provides alternative renewable energy services for both the public and private sector.

A recent 2009 report titled New Hampshire”s Green Economy and Industries: Current Employment and Future Opportunities, by Professor Gittell and other colleagues, highlights future job opportunities for the state of New Hampshire.¬†According to the report, from 2001 to 2007, employment in green jobs in New Hampshire increased by two percent.

This means New Hampshire could expect 16,000 jobs in the near term and 25,000 jobs over 10 years on top of the current green job base. According to Gittell, there could be a total of over 40,000 green jobs in New Hampshire by 2018.

For Professor Venkatachalam, interest in the Green Launching Pad came from his belief in the “three E challenges:” Economics, Energy and the Environment.

“The future is the three E”s,” Venkatachalam said. “Any business venture that follows the three E”s is going to be the future.”

Projects like the Green Launching Pad will continue to expand the green economy both locally and nationally, opening future opportunities for college students.


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