Revolution provides a range of solutions...

From simple facility upgrades to more complex energy production plants, with complete financing packages, product identification, and maintenance programs. As part of our approach, we own the energy systems and our clients save money - yeah, it's that simple!


What does Revolution Energy do?

The Revolution Energy team specializes in making renewable energy affordable. We do this through the process of third-party financing mechanisms that allow us to leverage existing tax incentives and creating long term agreements with stable host entities. The primary vehicle we look to employ when developing projects is known as a Power Purchase Agreement, or a PPA.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) help facilitate immediate installation of solar systems by avoiding high up-front costs and paying for the system over time through the purchase of clean, renewable electricity at a predetermined rate. Rather than pay for the energy you consume, under a PPA you agree to purchase the energy a Revolution Energy system produces for an agreed upon period of time at a rate the can be at or below what your currently pay to the local utility.

Is this a lease?

No, it is similar but not intended to convey ownership, maintenance, or risk to the customer as found in most leases. Ownership of the array is an option at the end of the contract.

Why is it not a lease?

Revolution Energy is able to access state and federal incentives on your behalf to help lower the rate of the power purchase agreement, avoiding the large upfront costs often associated with solar power. We ensure that all necessary paperwork and information is filed to allow a streamlined installation of the array.

By preserving the power purchase agreement structure, Revolution is able to access tax-based incentives that the non-profit entities cannot. The Internal Revenue Code provides requirements that must be met for an agreement to qualify as a contract and not a lease. A power purchase agreement permits Revolution to lower the cost of the project and increase the savings to our clients by accessing the tax incentives.

If this is such a good idea, why isn’t everyone else doing it?

In short, many are. Other states and private companies in the nation are developing huge amounts of power projects under PPAs and state-based incentive programs. Revolution, however, is currently the only provider for PPA’s located in the State of New Hampshire.

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